Episode 5

Burleigh Drummond & Mary Harris-Drummond of Ambrosia

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Episode Synopsis

John and Alan sit down with Burleigh Drummond and Mary Harris-Drummond from Ambrosia for an hour of stories.  What kind of stories? Stories about how Bruce Hornsby first got his start in Ambrosia, Debby Boone, Ringo Starr, Michael McDonald, Edger Winter, Jimmy Buffett, and a bunch of other people all played a part in Burleigh and Mary’s lives. Hear about how the rock stars Ambrosia killed time on the road by using explosives to launch trash cans in the air. Burleigh laments on having to practice in front of the greatest drummers in the world and Mary tells us about Sting and Stewart Copeland trying to push each other out of an airplane in flight. Burleigh and Mary talk about what it’s like to have a second generation of Drummonds playing music together, and Burleigh finally clears the air on why Dave Pack isn’t with the band. Most of all it’s a delightfully fun trip through 5 decades of music, and some great stories told by a couple who’s marriage has survived the same amount of time.

Alan Playing With Ambrosia, Gary Wright & John Ford Coley At Mohegan Sun