The Full Setlist

John and Alan sit down with musicians and industry insiders to discuss the unique experiences that happen in the entertainment industry.


Episode 5

Burleigh Drummond & Mary Harris-Drummond of Ambrosia

We take a delightfully fun trip through 5 decades of music, and some great stories told by a couple who’s marriage has survived the same amount of time.

Episode 4

Jason Malachi (Singer/Songwriter) / Goran Kralj (The Gufs)

We talk about life upheavals, lawsuits, and the song writing process. We close out with a sneak peak of each artist’s new solo record, including a never-before-heard clip.

Episode 3

Gregg Brunclik / Jamieson Filip (Clearwing Audio/Apollo Productions)

We talk about humble beginnings, what it takes to produce large events, along with some classic road pranks from back in the day and how the “touring brotherhood” has evolved.

Episode 2

Michael Ramos (Mellencamp/Patty Griffin)/ Sandy Ficca (Firefall)

We talk about life on the road, and what we’ve found on VHS tapes left on the bus.

Episode 1

Dave Anderson (Atlanta Rhythm Section) / John Gifford (FAME Studio)

We talk about a lot of firsts, including some of our first gigs.