Episode 4

Jason Malachi / Goran Kralj (The Gufs)

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On this episode we have a rare appearance from east coast Singer/Songwriter Jason Malachi along with Midwest Singer/Songwriter Goran Kralj. Jason’s life was turned into upheaval 10 years ago among accusations connecting him to the 2007 Eddie Cascio / James Porte / Michael Jackson sessions which were brought into ill repute by Teddy Riley and members of the Jackson Family, and ended up in an ongoing lawsuit – more about that in the episode.  We also talk about the songwriting process, Goran talks about seeing Jeff Buckley in the crowd at one of his past shows. Jason tells us about working with the R&B group Dru Hill and Jodeci among others in the studio as well as working with producer Damon Sharpe. Goran tells us his Desmond Child story. Jason expounds on horseback riding escapades in Los Angeles with Suge Knight. Goran talks about his band The Gufs and some of their touring experiences with Jars of Clay, The Samples, and Matchbox 20. We close out with a sneak peak of each artists new solo record, including a never before heard clip of Jason’s new record.

Goran Kralj Bio

Goran Kralj is the lead singer and songwriter for The Gufs, a Milwaukee pop-rock band active from 1988 to 1999. The group released their followup in 2006 after a seven-year hiatus. Goran released a single in memory of the victims of 9/11 called “Where Are You Now?” in late 2001. He did vocals on the Guster album “Parachute.” He also did vocals on the Pet Engine song “Strapped” off their album “Feeling Like a Hundred Bucks.” He did arrangements on the Spanglemaker album “End of the Gray.”

Goran lives in Chicago area and works in the restorative/aesthetic dental industry. In 2004, he released a solo album named Any Day Now on Red Submarine Records.



Jason Malachi Bio

Originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, Jason’s releases include: “Critical”, “Come Home”, “A Hero Fell” (#1 in the Netherlands for 4 consecutive weeks), “I Know I Can Make it” – (feat. Dru Hill), “How I Do”, “Let Me Let Go”, and “Tell It Like It Is (remix)”. Recent releases include, “UnReleased”, a mix-tape style album with never before released songs recorded over the past decade, a new remix video for his hit song “Don’t Walk Away”, and a brand new music video and remix album EP for his most streamed song, “Critical KCB Radio Edit” which had a debut at #92 on the Australian Pop/Dance charts! Jason’s currently working on his highly anticipated new Pop/R&B Album (“Got This feeling”) with producer Chuck Slay, which he’s looking to release in the summer of 2020.

In addition to a No. 1 radio single “A Hero Fell” for 4 consecutive weeks on the pop charts, a #92 debut on the pop/dance charts, he headlined at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland) and Club Jet (Mirage Hotel Vegas), collaborated with world renown Pop/R&B recording group Dru Hill, opened for Jaged Edge, and graced the stage of the UCMVA Awards with the likes of Tony Melendez, John Michael Talbot and Matt Maher; Along with many more accolades.

Jason released his last full length pop album “Critical” produced by multi-platinum selling producer Damon Sharpe in 2011 which earned him over 20 million digital spins. In 2014, he released “Come Home”, a Pop/Christian Gospel album. In late 2019, Jason teamed up with Australia’s mega dance DJ KCB and released “Critical KCB Radio Edit”, which earned him another top 100 appearance. Jason has also graced the cover of German music entertainment magazine “Xposed” and has been featured two times on Fox’s TMZ entertainment show.