Episode 2

Michael Ramos (Mellencamp/Patty Griffin) & Sandy Ficca (Firefall)

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Soft Pass! This month we talk to Sandy Ficca, the longtime drummer for Firefall, and Michael Ramos, a keyboard player who has played with such greats as; John Mellencamp, Patty Griffin, Paul Simon, Kris Kristofferson, BoDeans, Charlie Sexton, Robert Plant, David Grissom, The Rembrandts, Violent Femmes, Los Lonely Boys, Ani DiFranco and many more. We talk about life on the road, and what we’ve found on VHS tapes left on the bus. Michael talks about his time working with Robert Plant, and Sandy tells us about the time he played with Jaco and some stories surrounding him. Michael relates a classic story about something John Mellencamp made him do on tour, as well as his time recording at Paisley Park. Sandy counters with his Ginger Baker experience and talks about Slim Jim Phantom and Skunk Baxter at a classic rock fest in Mexico. Sit back and hear some great stories from a couple of road scholars this month on Soft Pass!

Michael Ramos With The BoDeans Playing “Angels”